Highly Visible, Economical Fire Evacuation Map Holder

We added a bright red border to this fire evacuation map holder so that it’s easily visible in many environments.

Evacuation maps are easily replaced in the red pocket.

This holder is great for manufacturing and distribution environments.

Evacuation map holders and frames can be purchased by going to our website (Building Maps Frames and Holders).

Picture of our Red 'Pocket' Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Red ‘Pocket’ Fire Evacuation Map Holder.


Here is a corner view of our Red 'Pocket' Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Close-up view of our Red ‘Pocket’ Fire Evacuation Map Holder.


Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holders

Here are two, economical, acrylic fire evacuation map holders that are quite popular. Maps are easily replaced.

How to install these evacuation maps: These holders are secured to the wall with two anchors. We do not suggest using double-sided tape on these holders.

Acrylic evacuation map holders and frames purchased at: (Building Maps Frames and Holders).

Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder with Label.

Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder with Label.

Picture of an Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Here is a corner view of our Deluxe Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Close-up view of our Deluxe Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Here is a corner view of our Standard Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Close-up, corner view of our Standard Acrylic Fire Evacuation Map Holder.

Building Maps is Accredited and Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

Building Maps is committed to providing the best service in the industry.

Tony Jones from Building Maps says, “We want prospective customers to understand that we take our customer service seriously. It is our goal, that every customer be fully satisfied with the end product. We use the Better Business Bureau as a vehicle of public accountability.”

Building Maps creates fire evacuation maps, school security maps, campus maps and building directories.

Follow the link below to see visit Building Maps at the Better Business Bureau:


How to assemble a fire evacuation map frame.

Here is a video that shows how to assemble our most popular evacuation map frame.  Note the quality of the aluminum frame.  This frame is used by schools, office buildings, hospitals and manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.

Fire Evacuation Map Frames and Holders

We get calls from people looking for fire evacuation map frames and holders all the time.  One of the most popular, is the Evacuation Map Security Frame.

This frame is often used in schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels.

The black, 3/8″ aluminum frame is well constructed and suited to ‘high-traffic’ areas.

The protective acrylic keeps the evacuation map image safe.  Foam core backing keeps the image firmly against the acrylic.

Security hardware keeps the frame firmly attached to the wall.  The frame is attached and removed from the wall with a small wrench.

Picture of our Security Evacuation Map Frame.

Security Evacuation Map Frame

Picture of our Security Evacuation Map Frame. This is the corner view.

Security Evacuation Map Frame – Corner View


Schools use Building Maps to train for “Active Shooter”

Scene: There is an ‘active shooter’ in one of your school buildings. Police need immediate access to building drawings. What will you give them? Rolls of old, hard-to-read architectural drawings? Are these drawings accurate? Do they reflect recent building changes?

Building MapiStock_000000748325XSmalls can easily turn boxes of old architectural drawings into up-to-date, easy-to-read, building illustrations with legends that show: lock-down areas, utility shut-off locations, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and alarm pulls, room numbers, exit locations, assembly areas, etc.

How it works:

You send us your existing, paper or electronic building plans. Our office will re-draw your plans. During the process we will simplify and label important areas of the building. Your drawings will be ‘layered’ so that certain areas of the building (or objects) can be isolated when viewed on a computer.

Building Maps arpolice_lightse versatile:

Once our office has created a set of building maps, these files can be easily adapted for fire evacuation maps, wayfinding, facility management, etc.

Where should I hang/display/place fire evacuation maps in my building?

I am often asked…

“Where should I hang/display/place the fire evacuation maps for my building?”


The answer is, that you should place them wherever they are required; and wherever they are needed for your particular building.

When trying to make this decision, the first thing you should do is call your local fire marshal/inspector.  They will give you specific instructions on where to hang your evacuation maps.

The fire marshal/inspector will likely ask you to analyze your building yourself first, then bring him/her your recommendations.  Then they will review it and have you make the necessary changes.  Keep in mind, they are not in business to design the fire protection systems for your building.  They are there to see that you ‘comply’.  It would take too much time for fire marshal’s to design fire safety programs for every building.  They are available for guidance and compliance.

Once you have an idea what is necessary to comply with local fire code, consider going a step further for the safety and well being of your employees, visitors, tenants and customers.  

Minimum legal requirements do not always meet the needs of your building.  Maybe your building should have extra fire extinguishers, evacuation maps or fire pulls even though not legally required.  Consider taking additional steps, to what is legally compliant.  


So when beginning to anayze where to hang your evacuation maps.  Make a call to your local fire marshal, let them set the direction for your project.

Tornado Safety, Shelters and Building Maps

Over the past few days, I have been asked the question, ‘…should our office show a tornado shelter on our fire evacuation maps?’

The answer is, ‘Yes’.

There has been concern over the terrible devastation by tornadoes, in Alabama and the surrounding states.  Many lives, homes and businesses have been lost.

Our office deals with the business sector and public safety.  Building Maps creates fire evacuation and tornado shelter maps for all businesses.

Most calls that we receive are from businesses looking to create or improve existing fire evacuation maps.  Why?  Because most businesses have to comply with fire code and most businesses are genuinely concerned for their employee, customers and visitors safety.

Rarely, do we receive calls asking for a Tornado Shelter Building Map.  It is typically, a secondary thought, if it is thought of at all.  We know from recent events that tornadoes, can devastate a business, community and even a state, just as much as a fire.

Where people move to, just moments before a tornado or fire emergency is often the difference between life and death.

So whether you are a business, government office, health care facility, school or place of worship; you should be prepared for a tornado.

Below are some links with information on Tornado Safety:


American Red Cross


At Building Maps, we are interested in your safety as well.  Be prepared!  Your employees should be trained prior to the event of a tornado.  They should know what to do and where to go in the event of a tornado.  Your facility should consider having a building evacuation map on the wall that addresses both a fire and tornado emergency.  Our office can create building maps that can be used for training as well as for placement on the walls.  These maps should illustrate fire evacuation routes and tornado shelter areas.  These maps should be simple and easy to understand.

If you have any questions regarding tornado shelter maps or fire evacuation maps, please contact our office.

Creating Campground Maps

Your campground map is your ‘business card’!

Your campground map is viewed by every camper.  It’s often reviewed multiple times during their stay.

Does your campground map accurately represent your roads, restrooms, sites, dump station locations, cabins etc. ?

Let our office design and print accurate, high quality campground maps for your business.

Contact http://www.building-maps.com/